Service Level Agreement 

Furniture Command Center (FCC) is designed to be a key component of your organization. As a result, we strive to be one of the most reliable aspects of your business. In order for our service to be of the highest value, we understand that the service must be available, responsive, and accurate. While we strive for 100% uptime, we offer the following minimum levels of service that all customers can count on:

Our uptime (which includes both planned and unplanned outages) for 2022 was: 99.974%. Meaning that we had a total of 2 hours and 16 minutes of unavailability for the entire year of 2022. We use a third party monitoring tool, and you can see real time status of our services here.


We guarantee that our application will be available 90% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). Should we incur an application outage, either through our application itself, or through one of our partners, Furniture Command Center will credit the customer 5% of their monthly fee for every 60 minutes of downtime (up to, but not exceeding 100% of one monthly payment, and the credit will be applied toward future payments). Application uptime comprises the functioning of all network and programmatic infrastructure relating to Furniture Command Center. Network issues between Furniture Command Center and your office environment are not included in the definition of our network. Application downtime exists if you are unable to transmit and receive data from our application and our help desk is contacted through phone or email.


We guarantee that our application will perform in a satisfactory manner consistent with web based application. The average response time across a minimum of five page requests will not exceed three seconds. Should the application not perform to this level of performance, Furniture Command Center will credit the customer 5% of their monthly fee each month until the offending pages are corrected. Application responsiveness includes the time that Furniture Command Center takes to process a page request and return the result. Regular network congestion from our servers to your office is not included in this measurement. In addition, pages that generate lengthy reports or PDF files are not included.

Delinquent customers may not take advantage of our service level agreement. This web page is a brief overview of our SLA, and does not supersede any existing contractual agreements between Furniture Command Center and its customers, nor does it imply any agreement without a service contract.

Third Party Integration/Information

FCC integrates with third party systems (tax systems, accounting, CRM, etc). All information transmitted from FCC into a third party system should be checked for accuracy and completeness. Likewise, all information imported into FCC from a third party source (tax information, manufacturing catalogs) should also be verified prior to use for accuracy and completeness. Specifically, FCC attempts to make sure all manufacturing catalogs and supplied tax information is updated regularly, but is not responsible for mistakes based on this third party information.