What is Furniture Command Center?

FCC helps contract furniture dealerships work through the entire lifecycle of a customer interaction. From the planning stages, all the way through the quoting, ordering, tracking, invoicing and post installation follow up, FCC is there to simplify the lives of the dealership and sales staff.

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Our Features

Cloud based web application
Entirely cloud centric, web-based application.

No software or hardware needed! To access your environment on FCC, you only need a web browser and an internet connection. There is no need to purchase any software or hardware. You can access from both PC and Mac products, including desktops, tablets, and even your mobile devices.

Streamlined to lower learning curve
Streamlined and simplified to lower the learning curve.

FCC is designed to be quick, simple and effective. It's intuitive enough so that anyone can sit down and immediately start using the system without any specific training. The menu based navigation system "just makes sense," and guides you through the process. And if you find that additional training is required, we are just a quick phone call away from sharing screens together and walking through any part of the system.

Integrate with other applications
Integrates with accounting and other applications.

FCC's goal is to be at the center of the dealership. But instead of taking over, we integrate. For example, orders and company information easily export to industry leading software packages (QuickBooks, NetSuite, AccountEdge, AX/Dynamics, etc.) FCC can intake leads and prospects through a variety of means. At the end of the day, we want to get information into and out of FCC to best meet the needs of your dealership.

Constant line of communication
Constant line of communication with customer support.

Our help desk staff is available constantly, via email or phone. In addition, they are always eager to help you with virtual walk through and training sessions on demand and without added cost.

Customizable for your dealership
Customized and tailored to your business practices.

FCC is designed specifically not to be a "one size fits all" solution. Instead we work with each dealership to tailor and customize each environment to fit existing business practices. No other product offers the depth of customization that FCC offers where literally no two environments are the same.

Turn-key solution
Completely turn-key solution.

All configuration, updates, patches, and releases are automatically handled behind the scenes and without your involvement. As a full-service, turn-key solution, everything is provided and taken care of by our staff. You simply log on and work, and let our staff handle the IT minutia that is required.

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Quick Videos

What is Furniture Command Center??

A quick overview of FCC and some of the many features it offers.

Digital Signatures

Send digital signature requests with HelloSign directly from within FCC.

External Email, Calendar and Contacts

Integrate Furniture Command Center and Google Apps/MS Exchange for email, calendar and contact sharing.

Electronic Ordering

Demonstration of electronic ordering capabilities within FCC.

Multiple Order Types

This video will compare and contrast the four order types that FCC offers.

Project / Portal

An explanation on how to use the customer project and customer portal functionality found in Furniture Command Center 4.0.


Quick walk-though of the Assist functionality. This allows users to send tracking requests, reminders, questions and general inquiries through the FCC system that are both actionable and tracked.

Order Checklist

How to use the Order Checklist, including the administrative configuration, and then the checklist inside of each quote.

Auto Add Line Item

Walk through on how to use the Auto Add Line Items functionality, which tells FCC how/when to automatically create new line items when creating a quote

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